5 Interesting Facts About Acupuncture

The idea of acupuncture is often associated with an image of an individual with needles positioned within his or her body-a rather oversimplified notion, we’d say. The truth is that there is a lot more to acupuncture than what meets the eye.

Here are 5 interesting facts about this old age, tried and tested method of healing:

It Began With a War

War has always been a precursor to a lot of human inventions, including the atomic bomb. However, on a less destructive side, it also became a frontrunner to the discovery of acupuncture. In ancient China during a war, some soldiers noticed that certain arrows, when inserted into their bodies, had a healing effect to some of their chronic conditions. This is the beginning. And take a look at where it’s come in the years following.

It Doesn’t Hurt

A very popular misconception about acupuncture is that it hurts a lot. When needles are inserted into your body, people mistakenly assume that you are bound to feel some level of pain.

However, the truth is that you feel just a mild sensation at the pressure point. In fact, many people go into a relaxed state or even fall asleep during the treatment.

It Doesn’t Just Treat Pain

You might think that pain is the only thing that acupuncture cures (well, it is endorsed that way). However, the fact is that this healing technique can do a lot more.

From obesity to digestive disorders, it has been found to be effective for many medical conditions. With time, more and more studies are carried out, and the true scope of benefits from this procedure will come to the fore.

It Can Make You Look Younger

Yes, you read that right. Acupuncture can help you go back in time and feel that fresh young look you have always loved. By building collagen, lifting muscle tone and reducing eye bags, this procedure can do wonders to the skin. However, this kind of treatment with acupuncture takes months.

It Has Become Popular In the West

It was in 1972, when the then U.S.President, Richard Nixon visited China and an accompanying New York Times reporter wrote how acupuncture helped him that it started becoming popular in America. Today, it has been estimated that around a million Americans have tried acupuncture. Not just in the U.S., acupuncture has also become a common treatment method in other European countries, such as the UK and Canada. In fact, the UK’s official Government’s health website endorses acupuncture.

You do not want to take any risks with it comes to dealing with a chronic medical condition, such as shoulder pain, neck pain or back pain. For an outstanding acupuncture treatment in Bradenton, make sure you find the right acupuncture specialist.

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4 Health And Safety Policies For Care Homes Every Employee Must Know

Caring for people in need is a noble duty that care homes are performing from a long time. It is a sector that encourages well-being of one and all. A care home comprises of people like owner, manager, staff and the people residing within that environment. A care home may be of various kinds – residential care, nursing care or dementia care and one for the older adults. Each requires different health and safety policy for care homes with specific requirements.

It is a kind of health program that excels in providing a resource for concerned personnel inside the care home setting. The main implications it includes are-

  • Legal duties

Out of the various laws that govern health and safety regulations in a workplace, the most applicable ones are-

  • Health and safety at work act 1974
  • Common law
  • Reporting of injuries diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations
  • Control of substances hazardous to health
  • Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999

The above acts enable employers to perform their duties of ensuring a safe and secure working environment. It involves all the diseases caused by biological perils, drug exposures, bloodborne pathogens, respiratory complications along with workplace violence.

  • Facilities

The policy also encloses the various healthcare facilities that an organization issues to its employees in adequate quantity. The welfare arrangements also include safe handling and proper storage of potentially hazardous substances.

  • Training

Another most important part of a policy is providing information training with specific guidelines to employees under expert supervision. The training also acknowledges employees’ efforts by certifying them with liability insurance.

  • Guidelines

The set of rules that are sketched for an employee also make him realize his duties to take reasonable care of each other’s health. Also, the basic guidelines that one needs to follow while working in a care home are-

  • Be attentive

While inside a care home, one needs to dedicate one’s full attention to providing a danger-free environment. One small or normal careless attitude like rugs or slippery surfaces can cost as one huge mistake to both caretakers and residents.
Also, mind the pets and make sure they are at safer distances from any ill person as their presence can make the conditions severe. It has been reported that half of the in-house accidents occur due to silly mistakes and carelessness. Hence, all the employees should take notes on how to organize the environment with proper safety.

  • Emergency services

The care providers also need to have complete knowledge about the contact details of nearby emergency help providers like police, fire or ambulance. They must be aware of the safety profile of the neighbourhood and should stay alert while witnessing any suspicious activity in the immediate location.

  • Documentation

Recording the history of each person’s medical issues is also one of the major characteristics of a health and safety policy. A caretaker should also be in his finest health to able to ensure welfare to other people, and if not so, he or she is certainly not liable for this duty.

  • Safety Tools

A caretaker also needs to be well aware of how the safety tools function and ways to operate them. A very common notion about healthcare sectors is that they have the maximum rates of work-related injuries and illnesses. Hence, each worker should be aware of how to handle the critical conditions without losing his composure.

A caretaker working in a care home for elderly often complain of back pain as he constantly needs to lift and move older people. This results in muscular as well as skeletal hazards along with other stress-inducing factors.

The healthcare and social welfare industry draws huge benefits from the safety policies and has prime necessity in each sector. Hence, knowing about the implications that an employee has to dedicate his assistance to will make him realize his duties and responsibilities in a refurnished way.

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Best Post Pregnancy Diet Plan

The best post pregnancy diet shouldn’t have anything new or complicated. You don’t even have to order any specific food for your diet. If you know how to prepare your own food and which foods are best, you can easily get back in shape without any extreme efforts.

Even celebrities follow a very simple routine for their diets. You just plan your meals in a specific way.

Eat less but frequently

Well, it is the best time to start the best post pregnancy diet plan for you. Aim to get only a half serving of food you consume every day. You won’t get hungry easily in this way. If you have two healthy snacks and three small meals every day and drink plenty of water in your diet, you can feel relaxed and energized for hours. It can help you skip breakfast.

Reduce starchy carbs

Starchy carbs are something that can cause bloating. There are many women who have issues about full, heavy feeling when they haven’t eaten anything. Along with it, their body feels pudgier and heavy. Water retention is the main cause behind this. This way, you need to cut back on starchy carbs or eat it properly. White paste or white bread is some of the starchy carbs that are available. It is also loaded in various junk foods. But you shouldn’t skip carbohydrates as well. Choose the high fiber ones as they can fulfill your body needs with much needed fiber that is vital for digestion.

Eat protein-rich food

You can get added stamina, strength and energy with a high protein diet during the day. Needless to say, protein can keep you from feeling hungry with ease. You need to see it for your main meals and you have enough protein from foods like egg whites, lean meat, and sea foods.

Drink plenty of water

Whether you are dieting or not, drinking plenty of water is very helpful for your body and it can even remove all the toxins from the body and you can easily get rid of impurities to help nutrients replenish in your body. It can also keep you from dehydration and hunger.

For new moms, post pregnancy diet plan is very vital. You might face new roadblocks, challenges, and responsibilities after child birth. You might also face the problem in getting back in shape. So, it is the diet plan which can add healthy meals to your diet and help you lose weight.

If might seem like you have to do a lot from another perspective but the snacks and meals are in smaller partitions and you need to prepare healthy foods for you. It is the best way to protect you.

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5 Best Yoga Teaching Tips For Newbies From Yoga Masters

Are you interested in carrying forward your career as a yoga teacher? Well, starting the career as a yoga learner is quite interesting, exciting, terrifying and humbling as well and this is not same all the time. As you get into this field, you will confront such feeling at each step, and if you adopt things properly in your account, then you can find the unique niche easily.

To find the best version of the yoga, you will seek the help of the masters. Experienced teachers will teach various nuances of the yoga, and will guide you at each phase to help you gain mastery over the same. If you are brand new to this field, then you would probably take few days to hit the desired target as it is not so easy to get the certificate just in one class.

Are you hoping to accomplish the entire task in one class? Then you might be daydreaming as it is impossible to do so. If you have the calibre and interest to learn yoga and want to become reliable masters, then here are some tips, which will help you get the basic ideas and that might help you in the long run.

1. Focus on desired actions and take your time

While practicing the sessions of yoga, be clear and focused what you exactly want to convey to your master. With little addition to the explanation, you will hear some words such as “stretch,” “twist,” “press,” “lift” and before this, always try to use effective language to deliver your message. Effective language always works in a better way, might be far beyond than your expectations.

Apart from this, in case of some occasions or during some special time, you can use the artistic, innovative and creative forms and can describe them in the class with the help of the experienced students. Sometimes the new formats are difficult to understand by the students, but no need to get panic if you are failing in one attempt, give time to learn the posture and get back to the same in the next day.

2. Maintain your sequence with each class

Maintaining the sequence of the classes is one of the vital to consider. Students, sometimes face certain difficulties in learning the postures of yoga in one class, so they wait for the next class to repeat the same, and with this, they can easily catch the trick. Furthermore, they are more interested in repeating the same pose again and again; until they get the ultimate satisfaction.

Therefore, it is necessary to continue the classes based on the previous day, so that you can quickly reach to perfectness. Consistent representations are required for you, and before switching to other pose make sure that you are completely acquainted with the previous versions of it. Haphazardly learning the things will not help you in the long run.

3. Don’t force yourself to a certain pose

Well, it’s true that it is not easy to grab the methods and tricks of yoga in the initial phase of the classes. You might take few days to learn the difficult postures, and sometimes, you may find that other students are capable enough to complete the task in one shot. Don’t try to judge yourself in a single attempt, rather give yourself enough time to learn them properly, and avoid seeing what others are doing.

By looking at others you will lose the chance that is planned for you, and many times, with that craziness, you try to force yourself over some props again and again. This is completely injustice you are doing with yourself. Never try to force you to perform the yoga postures, not even in bad condition such as poor legs and arms. Take your time, and soon things will fall into your place.

4. Don’t get afraid to use props

Avoiding the props to stay away from the injuries is not the solution for you. It is true that injuries can set you back for month or weeks, but, the experienced yoga teachers will always make sure that you are in safe place and will guide you perfectly. You can, therefore, give an attempt to use the props for your sessions, and you will get immense satisfaction from them for sure.

5. Never go back from your commitment

If you have planned to become a good yoga learner, then never go back from this commitment. Initially, you will face difficulties, but overcoming those hurdles and fulfilling the target is the ultimate motto of life. Honour your promise to yourself, and get the best teacher for you to set your feet to the fire for the next few days or years in yoga.

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How Can Yoga Protect Genes From Stress?

Various research studies state that regular practice of yoga asanas and breathing exercises happen to suppress the genetic pathways and genetic expression which promote inflammation. Inflammation can have to boost impact on the immune system on a temporary basis. This can also have protective implications on the injury and infections.

However, the current society is engulfed in psychological issues and the response of the human body in this regard has been very chronic. The psychological issues also result in impairing the mental and physical health. It has been found that individuals who happen to practice yoga and, a meditation on a regular basis have experienced fewer symptoms of inflammation which also includes a reduction in the manufacturing of inflammatory proteins.

This facilitates a signal which results in the reversal in the molecular signature of chronic stress implications. This may translate into a minimized threat of inflammation associated with conditions and diseases. Lifestyle and environment can result in intense turning on and off on the genes which may ultimately result in negative implications on the longevity, risk of diseases, etc. The traits in this regard are passed towards the future generations.

Events that are highly stressful can result in activation of the flight and fight response along with triggering a serious of reaction. These reactions are associated with stress in the body which includes the activation of the certain genes that are involved in the production of proteins which produce inflammation. Through extensive research on the matter that by practising yoga on a regular basis, one can significantly reduce the inflammation of the genes.

By selecting healthier habits of life on a daily basis, an individual can create a pattern of an activity which is very beneficial for the health. Practicing the asanas for a simple of 15 minutes will also be very effective. However, there have not been enough researches on the activities that can state more effectiveness in regards to the handling of stress from the genes as compared to what regular practice of yoga does.

Some studies confirm that the intervention of mind and body result in the steering of the processes of the DNA along a route that enhances the wellbeing. It is fact that inherited genes are not constant and the activity of DNA can vary in accordance with the things that people can have control on. By selecting healthy habits on a regular, we can happen to lay out a pattern of genetic activity which is more beneficial for the health.

Provided that this ancient practice of health and wellness potentially provides various benefits regarding the physical aspects or is worth comparing with other interventions of stress reduction, yoga could facilitate a varying intervention that targets emotional, behavioral and cognitive output of an individual. This also encompasses an autonomic output in this regard.

It has also been observed that one of the prime reasons for people moving towards practicing meditation, yoga and other mind-body practices includes the stress removal effects. Millions of individuals all around the globe who happen to practice yoga on a regular basis and gain health benefits at mental, emotional; and physical level do not understand that such benefits start at the genetic and molecular level.

This assists in changing the code of genes which causes great alterations in the health of an individual. Such activities leave a largely scaled implication on the molecular signature in the human body cells. This reverses the implications that anxiety and stress would have on the physical body by altering the way our genes of the body are expressing.

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