Weight Your Options for Print of Online Obituaries

No one likes to think about writing an obituary, as it means someone has passed away. This can be even harder if the person that has passed away was someone close, like a dear friend or a family member. However, typically after someone has died, a death announcement or an obituary will be written and posted traditionally in a newspaper and, more recently, on dedicated online obituary websites. The question many people have is which option is better – an in-print obituary or one done online?

The Benefits of Printed Obituaries

As it relates to a print obituary, it is easier from a technological standpoint for many people. While many people use a computer, not everyone knows how to navigate the web, especially for a person’s grandparents or even great grandparents. Print obituaries are much easier to access.

In addition, print obituaries are a matter of public record. This may not seem like a big deal, but obituaries from many years ago can often times be viewed, as these documents are often stored in libraries as a way to trace a person’s family tree.

Why Choose Online Obituaries

As it relates to the benefits of an online obituary, they allow the poster to have a great deal of flexibility in terms of what the obituary says. While newspapers can be quite limited in what they allow in an obituary, online obituaries can include information a newspaper doesn’t have the space for.

Online obituaries are much more visually appealing as well. The obituaries in a newspaper may or may not include photos. When they do, the quality is typically fairly poor. With an online obituary, a person can fashion it as they prefer and they have the ability to add numerous pictures if they would like.

Online obituaries are also interactive. Not only can people read the obituary, but they are also able to leave comments of condolences to the family or they can share touching and sometimes anecdotal stories of the decedent.

If you are faced with the difficult task of writing an obituary, and you’re considering posting the obituary online, you may want to try this or you can post a printed obituary. In any instance, it’s good to know what both unique options have to offer.