Myomectomy, The Surgery That Removes Uterus Fibroids

What is Myomectomy? It is also called fibroidectomy sometimes. In the medical terminology, it is the procedure of removing fibroids surgically.

By doing this procedure, it is possible to retain the reproductive potential of a woman. Also, the uterus remains preserved.

Several hospitals offer Myomectomy in Bangalore, either the conventional method or laparoscopic.

It depends on the severity of the case, affordability and physical condition of the patient what type of surgery is recommended.

What are fibroids and how do they cause harm?

Fibroids in the uterus are connective tissue tumors. They are fibrous in appearance and cause harm to the reproductive ability of the woman.

In fact, it is one of the major reasons of infertility in women.

Fibroids are asymptomatic or cause minor symptoms in some cases. However, in the cases where the symptoms are so severe that they affect the quality of life; it becomes inevitable to remove them by surgery.

When do doctors feel the necessity of removing fibroids? When the fibroids cause pressure or pain, there is abnormal bleeding or fibroids cause infertility. In such situations, there is no option than removing the same using Myomectomy.

Myomectomy in Bangalore is performed by all famous hospitals. Surgeons check the various aspects of the case before doing surgery.

GnRH-a treatment is planned before the surgery. The treatment elevates Estrogen hormone that stops the blood loss.

Methods of Myomectomy

Several methods are used by doctors to perform Myomectomy in Bangalore.

  1. Laparotomy: It is the conventional method also known as open myomectomy. A full abdominal incision (vertical or horizontal) is required.
  2. Laparoscopy: It is the non-invasive, easy method where smaller incisions are made. Using the special tool known as Laparoscope, surgeons remove fibroids.
  3. Hysteroscopy: When the fibroid is at some submucous location, then it can be removed without making any incision.

Surgeons use an appropriate procedure that is best suitable.

Risks and complications

Though Myomectomy in Bangalore is performed carefully, in a small percentage of cases, complications happen.

  • Doctors asses the complexity and treat the problem accordingly.
  • Significant blood loss is reported in some cases. Adequate measures are taken to treat the problem.
  • In some cases, around the uterus or inside the cavity, scars or adhesions form. They are harmless but increase the possibility of delivery via cesarean section later.

Since it is not possible to remove every lesion, in around 40 to 50 percent cases, fibroids occur again.

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